New Year New Episode!

Episode 22 January 07, 2022 00:38:42
New Year New Episode!
Brews With The Homies
New Year New Episode!

Jan 07 2022 | 00:38:42


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BrewsWithDbro BrewsWithJB

Show Notes

22nd official episode and our first of the new year! We talk about what we would like to see this year and what we would like to see from the beer industry. The beers we had in this episode are the following: Heir to None (Stout, Eighth State and Angry Chair collab), Sour worms (Fruited sour, 450 North), Beer Zombies JREAM rule #7 (Fruited sour, Burley Oak and Beer Zombies), and Beer Zombies JREAM rule #8 (Fruited sour, Burley Oak and Beer Zombies). Make sure to check out our instagram at BrewsWTH. Thank you for the support and let us know any comments or topics/questions/beers you might want covered. 

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