Suffer from Anchorage Brewing (Triple Barrel Black Barleywine)

Episode 19 August 30, 2023 00:08:16
Suffer from Anchorage Brewing (Triple Barrel Black Barleywine)
Brews With The Homies
Suffer from Anchorage Brewing (Triple Barrel Black Barleywine)

Aug 30 2023 | 00:08:16


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BrewsWithDbro BrewsWithJB

Show Notes

Our bite series focuses on one craft beer or beverage at a time which allows us to deep dive about that beer/beverage, for this episode we are joined by Matt from Beer Zombies. The craft beer we enjoy and focus on this episode is "Suffer" 15%ABV (Triple barrel black barleywine, Anchorage Brewing). JB got this beer from Tavour.


*The brainfart Matt and JB had for the more sought after and higher end resell stout from Anchorage is "A deal with the devil".

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