Urban South HTX anniversary beers

Episode 32 March 17, 2022 00:31:34
Urban South HTX anniversary beers
Brews With The Homies
Urban South HTX anniversary beers

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On the 32nd episode of BrewsWithTheHomies we have more of the Urban South HTX anniversary beers, Dbro asks the question which movie would you want to experience for the first time again, and we also cover some of the moves that happened in the NFL. 

The four beers in this episode are Baja Margarita 5%ABV (sour, Urban South HTX and Urban South), Mexican Pizza 5%ABV (Sour, Urban South HTX and Magnify Brewing collab), Detroit Style Mexican Pizza 5%ABV (Kolsch, Urban South HTX), and Choco Taco 12%ABV (Stout, Urban South HTX and Froth Brewing collab). 


We would love to hear the movie you would like to experience again for the first time. Make sure to check out our instagram, TikTok, and Facebook at BrewsWTH. As a reminder we will be doing our first event ever at @horsetrailerhideout on March 23rd. We will be recording an episode there and then having an open bottle share starting at 6pm.

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