Beer talk with Zach (Vegas beer & stories)

Episode 47 September 01, 2022 00:34:59
Beer talk with Zach (Vegas beer & stories)
Brews With The Homies
Beer talk with Zach (Vegas beer & stories)

Sep 01 2022 | 00:34:59


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On this episode of BrewsWithTheHomies we are joined by our good friend Zach and we go back to our normal style episode where we have great beer & conversations (Zach's instagram handle is vegasmaize). One of many reasons why we love craft beer is Zach started off as a listener of ours and now is a good friend of ours. Get to know more about Zach on this episode and have a good laugh with us! Zach also joined us for a Bite episode so be sure to check out that, it features a belgian quad from Able Baker. Bite episode link


The three beers we enjoy on this episode are Double Strata Variant 9%ABV (Double IPA, Neon Desert Brewing), Nueva Esperanza 4.8%ABV (Vienna Lager, Servehzah), and Cellared Cold Barreled Pilsner 5%ABV (Pilsner, Mason Ale Works and Kings Brewing collab). 

If you want to watch this episode it will be up in a few days on our youtube!

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