More variety, beer trading, the masters, and upcoming events

Episode 36 April 10, 2022 00:35:17
More variety, beer trading, the masters, and upcoming events
Brews With The Homies
More variety, beer trading, the masters, and upcoming events

Apr 10 2022 | 00:35:17


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BrewsWithDbro BrewsWithJB

Show Notes

On the 36th episode of BrewsWithTheHomies we have Seth join us to talk about how he got into craft beer and trading. We also each bring a beer to share and explain why we brought it. The other things we talk about in this episode are bottle shares, the masters, and upcoming events we are going to. The upcoming events we are going to are Wine & Cheese Pairing Night (Beer Zombies DTS), BZ420 fest, and roast of beer zombies.   

The four amazing craft beers we enjoy in this episode are Meowsonry 5.2%ABV (Farmhouse, Jester King), Pliny the Elder 8%ABV (West Coast, Russian River Brewing), Haterade: NYC Edition 6%ABV (sour, Finback collab with J. Wakefield), and Meow 5.3%ABV (Sour, 450 North Brewing collab with Drekker Brewing). 

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