Craft beer, traveling, and rice pudding with Bluhare

Episode 35 April 03, 2022 00:48:36
Craft beer, traveling, and rice pudding with Bluhare
Brews With The Homies
Craft beer, traveling, and rice pudding with Bluhare

Apr 03 2022 | 00:48:36


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Show Notes

On the 35th episode of BrewsWithTheHomies we have Bluhare join us to talk about his craft beer stories, his travels, a sneak peak into his upcoming podcast, and he brings us his favorite rice pudding flown in from Manhattan (Rice to Riches). We start this episode with a bomb beer figuratively and literally which made for a hilarious introduction. Blu was also kind enough to let us choose a bottle from his nuclear football (aka beer traveling pelican case), we decided to go with the new saison from Green Cheek. Thank you to Blu for the amazing company on this episode and sharing such a unique beer and for the best rice pudding we have all ever had.

The three amazing craft beers we enjoy in this episode are We don't know until we're there 6%ABV (Saison, Green Cheek Beer Company), Triple Dry Hop The World 8.5%ABV (TDH DIPA, North Park Beer Company), and Pepperoni Bobby 8.8%ABV (DDH DIPA, Monkish Brewing Co). 

Be sure to follow our social media pages for more content, to see what we are drinking, and keep updated on all things Brews With The Homies. Also check out @Blu.hare on instagram to see his quality craft beer pictures from his travels and when he showcases local spots. 

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