Arizona craft beer & story times

Episode 42 June 06, 2022 00:41:18
Arizona craft beer & story times
Brews With The Homies
Arizona craft beer & story times

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On the 42nd episode of BrewsWithTheHomies we dive into a flight of Arizona craft beers. JB visited Arizona over the Memorial day weekend and ended up grabbing beers from Historic Brewing, Superstition Meadery, and Wren House. TravBro went on a trip to Utah, got to visit Zion, and a brewery there. We also talk about the Beer Zombies Boulder City grand opening. Also Dbro's & TravBro (James) birthday bottleshare will be on June 9th 5pm at Beer Zombies Boulder City (full details will be on our socials this week and previews of some of the incredible beer we will be sharing). 

The four craft beers we enjoy in this episode are Jack Wagon 6.7%ABV (IPA, Historic Brewing Company), Super Station 5.5%ABV (Cider, Superstition), Helles 5.2%ABV (Lager, Wren House), and Spellbinder 7% (IPA, Wren House). 

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