Going bananas! (Stouts, Urban South collabs, & Obi-Wan trailer)

Episode 31 March 11, 2022 00:29:07
Going bananas! (Stouts, Urban South collabs, & Obi-Wan trailer)
Brews With The Homies
Going bananas! (Stouts, Urban South collabs, & Obi-Wan trailer)

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On the 31st episode of BrewsWithTheHomies we finally have the banana stout we have been talking about from Pure Project, compare it to another banana stout, Dbro gets to brag about the Broncos getting Russell Wilson, we try three Urban South HTX collabs, and talk about the Obi Wan collab. We love mixing it up and this episode gives such a great variety of things we enjoy.
The five beers in this episode are Eternal Forever 13%ABV (Stout, Pure Project Brewing), Banana Dulce Apocalipsis 12%ABV (Stout, Imprint Beer Co), Yo Quiero USB-HTX 5%ABV (Lager, Urban South HTX & Tripping Animals collab), Bahama Mama Float 6%ABV (Sour Smoothie Style, Urban South HTX), and Data Junction 8%ABV (Double IPA, Urban South HTX and Equilibrium collab).

Also let us know what you think of the Russell Wilson trade and thoughts on the Obi Wan trailer. Make sure to check out our instagram, TikTok, and Facebook at BrewsWTH. As a reminder we will be doing our first event ever at @horsetrailerhideout on March 23rd. We will be recording an episode there and then having an open bottle share starting at 6pm.

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